Our Services is pretty simple

You invest in a monthly subscription - We do the automating!


You want to…

+ Build your online presence

+ Create regular content to help serve your tribe/customer/donors/clients

+ Connect with your audience in an authentic way

+ Spend more time building your vision and doing the things you love doing

+ Build your social media following and authority in the market place

+ Eliminate feeling overwhelmed


Where we can help you get results…

+ Automate the process of putting out regular content on your blog, v/blog and podcast - to claim authority

+ You make the video/podcast, we syndicate it to your platforms - it will feel like your brand is everywhere all the time

+ Setting up systems & automations - to save you from being overwhelmed

+ Build your email list – with relevant warm customers

+ Set up email marketing (we work with Active Campaign only) – To contact your customers at the right time with the right info

+ Set up your podcast show – For you to serve your world

+ On going mentoring as you scale & build your business

+ Saving you time & money – You’re hiring a team for the price of one!

+ Grow your SEO – So people find you organically on search engines

+ Build an online asset that will serve you and your company – that you might later want to sell!


What we don’t do…

+ We don’t manage Social Media pages (only putting out the episode content you give us)

+ We don’t manage book keeping or customer service

+ We don’t keep you accountable, you have to have the drive to build your business

+ We don’t chase you up, if you miss a week of content, that’s your responsibility

+ We don’t take over your business – we are just your content marketing and automation team

+ We don’t hold your hand full time – we are based on results not working for you full time

+ We don’t build websites – we are not website developers; we have the skills to integrate certain software’s, but we don’t develop websites

+ We don’t lose your voice – we will get you to write your emails if we make them, so everything aligns with your brand

+ We don’t do FB or Google Ads – but we can recommend people who do

+ We don’t pay your subscriptions to podcast hosting, but we can recommend who we use

want to hire us?


Book in for a free chat and we go through how the service works.


After you’ve invested, we go through a Diagnostics frame work together to find your biggest gaps to work on first.


You create your weekly content (podcast or video) if needed or we do the work for you.


Our services work particular well if your company is making over $500k pa and you have a website already in place. 

Book in for a call or download our Service Price List